Celebrity Support For DOTS LONDON……

Celebrity support has been crucial in raising awareness as they have such huge follower numbers compared to a small, new initiative like Dots London. If your tweet about Dots is re-tweeted by someone famous please let us know so we can thank them.

Of course, we’re very grateful for any support from every single one of our followers and each tweet,re-tweet and even like is a massive help to us but we thought it might be fun to keep a list of just some of the celebrities that have passed our messages on or contacted us quietly behind the scenes to offer support.  

Thank you

Michelle & The Dots London Team


Peter Egan – Actor

Pete Wicks – TV Personality ( Towie)

James Whale – TV & Radio Broadcaster

Dee Kelly – TV personality (Celeb Big Brother etc)

Anna Webb – BBC Radio Presenter (The Barking Hour)

Stacey Jackson – Music Artist / Actress