Here at DOTS, we think all of our doggies have been good girls and boys this year and we’d love nothing more than for Santa Paws to bring them loads of much needed goodies this Christmas time.
Could you help us to make their Christmases merrier and brighter?
You could help Santa out by heading to our Paypal link here and donating a few pounds.
Let’s help Santa Paws come to town, we’ve drafted him the letter below so he can get his elves to it!
Dear Santa Paws,
We have over a 100 doggies who we think have made the ‘nice’ list this year. From smiley Babe to cheeky and playful Roxy and we’d love it if you could fill your sack with some of the items below to make their doggy Christmas dreams come true.
So as you fly high over the streets of London, maybe you could make a special stop or two as our friends try to sleep on the cold, hard ground. We can’t guarantee they’ll have a sherry or a mince pie waiting for you, but the love in their eyes should warm your big heart.
– Dog bowls
– Leads
– Harnesses
– Collars
– Coats and jumpers
– Blankets
– Brushes
– Balls
– Squeaky toys (our Babe is a big fan!)
– Yummy treats and food
– Fresh water
– Poo bags and doggy wipes
– Chew toys and bones
– Beds and groundsheets
– Sleeping bags, hats, gloves and socks for the mummies and daddies
Thank you,
Team DOTS and the street dogs x