Last Sunday was another warm day in London town and despite it being quiet on the streets due to a bike race, DOTS still set up as always in anticipation of some of our four legged friends making a visit. No matter how quiet a station may be, if we can help out even just one doggy we’ll do it!

The day before, Michelle put some of her baking skills to work by making some doggy bone treats for any pups that might stop by. Michelle is level 2 food safety and hygiene certified so she set to by making some yummy peanut butter wholemeal treats! What dog doesn’t like peanut butter?

This week we had visits from five of our furiends…

First up, teddy Tyson!

This boy is so snuggly! You just want to give him a big cuddle…ok, we sort of do, we cant resist! Tyson and his daddy popped by to stock up for the week ahead on all the essentials, from food to a new tennis ball. Oh and he approved of Michelle’s bone treats…

Next up, Gunner…

Another big tennis ball fan. Ahh the simple things in life eh? Gunner made a stop to see us for his second vaccination and left with treats and a huge bag of essentials from our tables of goodies.

Two sweet little boys

These two adorable boys remain anonymous as per daddy’s request, but they are just a joy! For now, we’ll refer to them as Playful and Cheeky because thats exactly what they are! They came by to be weighed on our new portable scales and to of course take away loads of treats.

Last but by no means least…what a Babe

Babe needed some further painkillers and restock of food and treats…

So what seemed a quiet day in London ended with five of our dear doggy friends being made a fuss of, treated and tickled.

But the DOTS team then decided that maybe they needed a special treat too! Off they went to try out some sweet delights at Milk Train Cafe….fluffy ice cream you say? Mmmmmmm!

LUCKY NEEDS YOU…Become a donor

We now want to take this opportunity seeing as you’ve kindly stopped by this here blog, to tell you a little more about one of our registered dogs, Lucky.

If you follow us on social media you might be aware that over the last week or so we’ve been updating you about her health and some concerns our Street Vet Jade has had after detecting a heart murmur during a check up.

We arranged for Lucky to have a heart scan to tell us more and sadly, it seems that she is experiencing the early stages of heart disease which can be a very progressive disorder if not treated with a specific medication.

Now, this medication (Vetmedin) is very expensive which makes it difficult to source. But DOTS cannot just sit by and watch our friend get more poorly if there’s a simple solution available to help slow the progression of the disease and to make her comfortable.

So, after some discussions Jade our head Street Vet had directly with the drug company, Boerhinger Ingelheim, and in particular their local rep Grace, they have kindly donated 2 boxes of Vetmedin to us, which is incredible! Thereafter, we are able to purchase the drug at a subsidised cost.

Not only that but Boerhinger Ingelheim have also so kindly donated a supply of Metacam (pain relief) for Lucky’s arthritis. Since she’s been on the meds she’s been so much happier and playful.

We are so grateful, not to mention Lucky’s owner!

Lucky will of course need to be on these meds for the rest of her life and the cost is working out at £36 a month.

Could you help us keep Lucky as healthy as we can and to help slow her disease?

If you’d like to become a donor to help our girl, please head to

Thank you x

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