Another sunny summers Sunday rolled in again and team DOTS were setting up for street station number 14! Well technically now it’s number 15 seeing as we’ve since launched a hub station in Kings Cross, but who’s counting? 😉 Can you believe that we’re 4 months in to this? It’s whizzing by and we’re just so grateful for all the support so far.

So here’s a moment to just say a whopping THANK YOU to those who give their time, expertise and care to the countless street doggies and their owners. To the growing number of product partners; Barking Heads, Nature Diet, Kong, Huxley Hound, Butternut Box,  Mikki Pet UK, Harley Bear Coco Bites, Spotted Hound UK, Wild Paws… From the ongoing supporters to the one off treaters – THANK YOU.

And more recently to those of you who are doing some amazing fundraising activity to help support us. From making and selling things to cutting off hair…we’re blown away!

So, drum roll please….who turned up to see us last week you ask?


Mr Gunner swung by for a happy hello and to collect his favourite essentials and goodies. He also had a check over with the vet and had flea treatment. Gunner loves his rope toys so a couple popped in his bag and off he went…

Our dear Babe

Babe should really be a mascot for DOTS as without fail she comes along each week to the station which is just marvellous. Shows that daddy is such a good guy with his best friends wellbeing his utmost concern. Babe is under review with regards her painkillers so this weeks vets Sam and Gabe will carry out some tests. Being another warm day we popped on a cooling bandana and stocked her goodie bag up with all essentials needed.

Does anyone need reminding who this handsome fella is? Tyson!

If you read last weeks blog you’ll know that poor boy Tyson has had a poorly paw and was prescribed some antibiotics. After a follow up check up with the vet they have decided he needs to have a minor procedure to open up the swelling to ensure no foreign body like a grass seed is stuck in there. And as if by magic, at time of writing the op is a distant memory for this playful chap! There was nothing inside, but it was drained and cleaned and should now heal nicely. We’ll be keeping an eye on him…

Meet Butch!

New visitor Butch came along today for the first time. Butch is sadly deaf and also in need of some urgent medical treatment in the form of dentistry due to chronic dental disease. At the station he was prescribed antibiotics and we’re expecting him back next week so that we can proceed with booking him in. Again we will also need to fundraise to help with costs of the operation & aftercare. More on that to come. In the meantime, Butch was registered with DOTS and we kitted him out with a new harness & lead as well as a bag of food and goodies. See you again soon boy!


Michelle popped along after that station to see Scarper and have some tickle time after dad passed by to say hello! Scarper’s dad was not in need of anything other than a chat and to tell Michelle that he feels really reassured knowing that we are there each week just in case.

DID YOU KNOW…That DOTS is going to have an official stand at this years Pup Aid Fun Dog Show on Sept 2nd? Wahoo! Pup Aid’s aim is to raise awareness about the UK’s cruel puppy farming trade by way of an amazing celebrity judged fun dog show and we’re delighted to be involved.

See you there?

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