Sunday 9th April, the hottest day of the year so far. And while hoards of people flocked to parks and seasides to take full advantage of the Spring sunshine, DOTS were of course out in action with our doggy station.

Before pitching up on The Strand, founder Michelle detoured to pick up 180 bottles of mineral water in preparation for meeting the homeless and their hot dogs. Some for slurping, some for splashing. The DOTS team saw the warm weather as a great opportunity to educate the doggy owners as to the importance of keeping their dogs hydrated.

We welcomed 4 dogs to our station this time round…

Playful newbie, Rocky who was recommended by a previous station visitor.
His owner was a bit concerned about a lump he’d found on him so we promised that on his next visit he will get free access to our street vet for further specialist inspection. Rocky is now registered with DOTS by way of one of our collar I.D tags. Welcome Rocky!


Misty – one of our wonderful regulars who was quick to claim a new toy!

Gunner the staff cross who Michelle has known for 2 years through her outreach projects

He stocked up on the essentials to cover him for the week before his next visit.


Scarper, 13 years old and really struggling with the heat
It wasn’t long before he was having a doggy shower when he got doused in water. Michelle even wet a towel and placed it over him to keep him cool.


Our friends Huxley Hound donated more yummy organic veggie treats and the wonderful Kimberly from City Dog Expert was on hand with professional dog training and behavioural advice too.

What a lovely bunch. They all, of course got loads of essentials, from dog food to treats and leads to get them through the next week.

BIG NEWS! The doggy station is now weekly!

Just one of the realities of being homeless is the lack of perception when it comes to time. Days often blur and with no set routine, the homeless can feel like they are drifting through time facing their inevitable struggles, fears and concerns each passing moment.

Understanding that their dogs give them purpose and meaning, Michelle has now decided to offer up the doggy station weekly as a way of forming routines into their lives. This move will also ensure a consistent diet and level of nutrition for the dogs.

2 to 3 times a month the stations will be ‘mini stations’, aimed at providing the essentials from food to toys as a way of stocking up. The owners and their furry pals can literally rock up to stock up! The mini stations will always be manned by one of the DOTS key team members. Then, at the end of each month the station will be in full swing, attended by the wider DOTS team and services.
DID YOU KNOW…that DOTS is completely self or publicly funded via generous donations. If you could spare some dosh for the project, please head here or if you’d like to contribute to our ongoing Amazon Wishlist of doggy goodies, that’s just over here. Thank you!

So with the news of our station becoming a weekly adventure, expect more pics and vids on DOTS social media…

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