If ever there was a day to be most proud of and excited about DOTS (so far) it has to be Sunday April 30th.

Following the circulation of our Press Release, media outlets had been in touch with Michelle with the wish to attend an upcoming station in order to offer more coverage of the work that goes into running a weekly pop up for the homeless and their dogs.

With keen interest from the BBC, Metro newspaper and London Live, April 30th was the date that the DOTS team started working to.

Donations came in for Michelle to be able to order a branded stand in time for the station, and she also made sure that all team members could be easily identified by way of branded t-shirts.

The generous input from our product partners started to roll in too as the date quickly approached.

The wonderful Barking Bakery made and supplied us with mouth watering doggy cakes and popcorn as extra special treats for the wonderful street dogs. Yummy nibbles were sent in from Harley Bear Coco Bites, plus our pals at Huxley Hound and Butternut Box, who were both attending the station, provided their organic veggie treats and fresh doggy meals. Our ‘essentials’ table was full to the brim with additional nutritious goodies from our ongoing sponsors Nature Diet and Barking Heads.

Our friends at Kong sent in a huge box of their iconic stuffable Kongs in various sizes and Michelle came up with a great use for those. Instead of handing the supply out to the doggy owners to keep, knowing that toys quite often go missing on the streets, the decision is to stuff them full of treats for the street stations so that the dogs can come and enjoy them while their humans stock up on more bits and pieces. DOTS will then collect them all in at the end of the station to wash and sanitise them before the next event. Street station Kongs! 


Our ever faithful DOTS team for this special day was Jade the Street Vet supported by vets Ruth and Anna, Kim from City Sit Stay and Fee’s Pamper Camper.


Medicines, stethoscopes, bubble baths, grub, the essentials and expert advice all at the ready, the stage was set, ready for what was to be a bumper day…and there was a special surprise in stock for the doggy owners too. Keep reading!

Roll up, roll up furry friends…

Misty – Our beloved regular, Misty who thoroughly enjoyed one of the street stations stuffed Kongs!


Storm – Despite her hesitation around water, Storm came for her first ever groom. Fees Pamper Camper eased her fears and as soon as she got used to the shower, she was right as rain.

RJ Paid a visit to pick up some more medication and to try some socialisation training with Kim which went well and will continue. He had himself a groom and left with a new healthy doggy diet to follow thanks to Barking Heads and Huxley Hound. 

Lola – Delightful Lola came and stocked up on vitamin supplements and a bag full of essentials including a new toy that made her one happy pup! What a sight to behold. A gorgeous street dog, playing.

Babe – Came for a top to toe health check, medication and a bag of treats.

Ty – A playful newbie to DOTS!  Ty received a full health check and despite him being a doggy that doesn’t like his paws touched, the gentle veterinary team managed to do a little claw trim. He left with some new toys too. Welcome Ty!

Jethro – Woohoo, another newbie! Good boy Jethro had a full health check and left with a bag full of essentials and a waggy tail. Nice to meet you Jethro!

Hindi – Yet another newbie! What a very playful girl. Hindi loved the stuffed kong and received a full health check. Hi hi Hindi!

We also welcomed newbies Rudy and Tyson too. Come back soon so we can take some pics of you pawjus pups!

In between chatting to the doggy owners, giving the doggies lots of love and dishing out goodies, Michelle had to get ready for media interviews, including Metro and London Live! Increased media coverage of DOTS is so vitally important to help us continue. We are self or publicly funded so if more people hear about us, hopefully more donations and support will come our way to fulfil our dream of going nationwide.

And if the day wasn’t going brilliantly enough, we were so pleased to have the amazing Joshua Coombes come join us! 

For those of you who don’t know, Josh is the founder of #DoSomethingForNothing, an amazing movement where he encourages everyone to consider ways that they can help the less fortunate by being of service to them in some small way. Because, everyone can.

Josh is a hairdresser who takes to the streets of London (and actually, in other cities around the world) to put his skills to work on the homeless. By cutting their hair, he gives them care, attention and confidence at a time of their lives when this is needed most. Simply by chatting and spending some time with them can make all the difference to their lives. So while their furiends were being looked after by team DOTS, Joshua started giving out free haircuts to their humans, including our dear pal Dodge who channelled his inner punk and left with this mega new do! 


Thank you Josh! 

You can follow Josh on Instagram here, plus the dedicated Instagram for his Do Something for Nothing movement, here.

With his new haircut, Dodge also got busy on the pavement, creating some of his chalk street art that carried a message for passers by to consider kindly donating to DOTS.


To say it was an overwhelming day is a huge understatement. Happy, healthy dogs and comforted doggy owners. That’s what we thrive to do at DOTS. Simple really isn’t it? But we couldn’t do this without our wonderful team and the generosity of the public.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support so far. April 30th felt like a real moment for DOTS and we’re so excited for the future.

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