In honour of Change a Pet’s Life Day 2018, we wanted to share a little bit about the inspiration for and the work of DOTS; Dogs on the Streets, for those who have never heard of us before.

To us, a pet is a pet. Regardless of circumstance. And that’s why we are dedicated to providing much needed services and support to arguably some of the most vulnerable pets in the UK; those that belong to people living on the streets.

For founder Michelle Clark, who has been doing on foot outreach to the homeless community for some six years, the real inspiration for the launch of DOTS was a street dog named Poppy back in 2016. Poppy’s homeless dad had been taken very ill, collapsing on the streets and in need of urgent attention and accommodation but very sadly he couldn’t take Poppy with him due to certain restrictions. He had luckily heard of Michelle through her work and via a number of meet-ups Michelle happily agreed to take Poppy home with her while dad recovered. In doing so, Michelle got thinking about how Poppy couldn’t be the only street dog who would experience a similar situation, alone and fending for themselves if their owners were taken ill or unable to look after them anymore. Poppy surely wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last. Through this one incident with Poppy, Michelle was then inspired to think of a more dedicated and regular solution to tending to the needs of the countless street dogs around the UK, starting in London.

And DOTS was born.

Dogs on the Streets is a not for profit, volunteer led organisation that provides the following services to dogs and their owners around the UK via weekly street stations and mobile outreach:

  • A mobile veterinary van fully equipped for DOTS vets to examine and administer simple treatments to dogs; from administering IV fluids to microchipping and worming.
  • Free dog health checks and referrals to partner veterinary centres for further treatments if needed
  • Expert dog behavioural training and advice
  • Doggy grooming
  • All the essentials including food, blankets, coats, leads and harnesses, toys and food bowls.

Some two years on from that first encounter with Poppy and DOTS is now operating services in London, Oxford, Bournemouth, Dundee and Kent…with more to come!

We rely solely on donations from the public and ongoing support from our key dog product partners. All money donated goes 100% on the care and provisions required to support our growing number of registered street dogs around the country.

Donations greatly received via this donation link;

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The inspiration behind the launch of DOTS; Poppy