Last week a gorgeous dog Spike came to see us at our Sunday station on The Strand.

As he did the rounds of the different DOTS services with his dad, he ended up with a full health check with our vet. And this is when a problem was found…

Poor Spike is suffering from a condition called Distichiasis in one of his eyes. This condition is where an eyelash grows from an abnormal spot on the eyelid and rubs against the eyeball, in Spike’s case causing excruciating ulcers. 

If left untreated, Spike could lose his sight in one eye.

In less than a week, DOTS has arranged with swift action to have Spike booked in for his operation next Thursday.

But, we need help to fund this procedure.

DOTS is a volunteer led not-for-profit and we solely rely on the kindness of donors to help us take good care of our growing number of registered DOTS doggies.

As our numbers rise to almost 100 registered dogs, so too does the need to fundraise for their care as we uncover a range of health issues at our regular street stations and via on foot outreach.

Could you help Spike?

We are looking to raise £1,000 to cover the operation including anaesthesia, aftercare and medication.

Let’s help precious Spike live pain free and with full sight.

All help truly appreciated.

Thank you, 

Team DOTS x