As we might have mentioned once or twice before (ahem) DOTS is reliant on financial donations from the public and vital provisions from our product partners in order to make sure the growing numbers of street dogs are cared for all ways round.

And every now and then we are so humbled when some go all out to help us, unexpectedly.

This is an account of a time when Jade our Street Vet met Scott from Dechra Veterinary Products. Scott was so impressed with the initial work of Jade, taking to the streets to treat dogs, that he then saw an opportunity to raise some important cash for DOTS…

Here’s Scott’s story…

I first met Jade in November 2016 whilst accompanying Sarah Halfhide, our Territory Sales Manager for London, on a routine field visit day. To be honest, the discussion about Jade’s involvement with Street Vets captured my imagination much more than the brand of Buprenorphine she was using!

It’s a sad fact that, although much loved by their homeless owners, the dogs on the streets rarely get the veterinary care they need. Jade treats the dogs belonging to those who live rough in London whilst her partner cuts their owners’ hair.

Treating people and animals with respect is a fundamental value of mine and to see this compassion being extended to some of the most needy in our society was inspiring. I am always enthused by acts of kindness, and believe strongly that anyone can make a difference. Local, charitable acts can have a big impact on a community.

Shortly after meeting Jade, I was in Dusseldorf on a Leadership training programme with Dechra  peers from several other European countries. In one exercise, we were split into pairs, each given 5 Euros and tasked with turning it into as much money as possible within one hour (I suspect the course coordinator had spent too much time watching The Apprentice!)

Some groups tried buying and selling simple goods (matches, water, lighters, etc) but time and language difficulties prevented this from being a successful strategy. We could maybe make a few Euros but probably nothing significant. My mind turned to Jade – her individual gifts of time and skill, while small in ‘value’, translated into something worth so much more to the dogs and their owners, in terms of compassion and well-being. We could definitely “sell” that story and raise some money with the proceeds going to Street Vets!

I asked the hotel manager if I could deliver a short presentation to his staff about the incredible work Street Vets do. A few slides and links to pictures and articles had the audience in awe of such humanity, and they were generous with their giving.

A further presentation to the peer group once we reconvened in the meeting room brought in some more generous donations, including the money raised by the other groups in the exercise.

All in all, we raised €350.00.

It was great to meet up with Jade again and to give her the money and also to explain that her acts of kindness are being discussed far and wide!

I was so pleased to hear that the money was going to help a lovely old lady called Misty who had some mammary tumours that needed removing. Even if Lachlan, Misty’s doting owner, could have afforded the procedure, Misty would have struggled post-surgery, recuperating out on the streets.

The €350 would go towards the subsidised cost of the procedure conducted in the practice where Jade works, plus two nights’ recuperation for Lachlan and Misty in a local Travelodge. I wish Lachlan and Misty all the best for her recovery, and am pleased to have played a small part in their continued companionship.

Thank you so much Scott!

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