It’s been a busy few weeks for DOTS, as ever, but we thought instead of giving you the normal rundown of the recent stations, that we’d introduce you to a few of the new furiends that we’ve made along the way instead!

It’s a toughy isn’t it. On the one hand we are so thrilled to have more street dogs registered to us week on week, meaning we can keep track of them and their health and needs regularly. But it also goes to show that this homeless crisis is still thriving, something DOTS would love to see on the decline.

But for now we are safe in the knowledge that the more that are registered with us, the better. We’ll provide as much care and support to them and their owners as we can, especially as winter creeps in.

On that note, could you donate a little dosh to put towards a winter doggy coat or blanket? If you can, please head here to make a donation. Thank you so much…

So covering stations 29, 30 and 31 on The Strand in London, plus some on foot outreach and our hub stations, sit back and get to know all about our newly registered pups…


Yes, another little Roxy on our books! And what a cutesy little lady she is too! As with a lot of our newbies, Roxy’s dad was recommended to pay us a visit by another DOTS regular and we’re so happy he took their advice. This spirited girl is just such a treasure. A perfect character blend of playfulness and grace, a true credit to her dad. Since we first met her, Roxy has paid our stations a visit, been vaccinated and loaded up on loads of treats and essentials to keep her well.


Another doggo that was recommended to visit DOTS by a fellow friend. This pretty girl is extremely nervous so over the last few weeks we have been taking it very slowly to introduce her to DOTS, easy does it, baby steps. She has been doing well each week though, being introduced to the vet for a health check. One of our key services is around dog behaviour so Momo’s dad now feels very reassured that she is in good hands with a team who understand the inner cogs of dogs. To help ease Momo’s anxiety for now though, we have made sure she has a nice anxiety shirt and remedy sachets. We’re confident as time goes by that Momo will develop a new sense of confidence and ease.


You got it, another recommended referral to DOTS! We are so warmed that word continues to spread. A big BIG bundle of energy, Freya has taken so well to DOTS, seeing the vets, being vaccinated and receiving some calm training.


This sweet honey pie came to us in need of some vet support. We’re so pleased she did as on examination it was deemed necessary to follow up at a veterinary surgery soon. Honey has taken well to DOTS too and has been microchipped and given an anxiety shirt as well as loads of essentials.


What a gorgeous, expressive face! Gypsies came to see us initially for a vet check where some simple medication to ease some of her woes was prescribed. But as you know, we don’t stop there! We have made sure that this pretty girl was fully kitted out with essentials including a coat, harness, lead and loads of nibbles and grub.


Haze was met by DOTS via on foot outreach and what a beauty she is! Once registered with DOTS we gave her and dad a big old bag of treats and a new lead.


Hhhhmmm we wonder what story could be behind a name like Sin. Seemed like an innocent enough boy to us! Haha. Again, another new pup met via on foot outreach. We ensured he had a new coat and a big bag of food…plus a good dose of love and tickles. Naturally.


We first met Jazz around firework night and the poor girl was absolutely petrified of them. But this was perfect timing for her to get registered to DOTS and to take her mind off the whizzes and bangs with a first stop into a nice calming and warm bubbly bath! Jazz has been given the full works with vaccinations, flea and woming treatments as well as being provided with an anxiety shirt (one of the many donated by Kong), a doggy scarf and some Pet Remedy wipes to ease her nerves further.

Sonny Jim

I mean, what else do you call a cheeky chap in a scarf? Sonny Jim of course! Such a friendly new face to add to our registered list of doggies. we so far have given him a brand new warm coat and loads of essentials.


We’ve got Missy’s, but a Miss is new. Welcome to DOTS Miss angel face. When we first met Miss recently her daddy was desperate for food for her so in we stepped with a huge bag of goodies and grub alongside a brand new winter coat. Miss is another nervous dog so we left dad with some pet remedy sachets too.


Another newbie added to our books via on foot street outreach. Meet Diva, who we made sure was  kitted out with a warm new coat and loads of food for the coming weeks. Diva actually is in need of shifting a few pounds too so expect future updates from us on her progress.



Please help us to help them get through the winter months as cosy and cared for as possible.

If you could donate, even just a small sum, we (and they!) would be so very grateful.


Thank you…

Team DOTS x