Every few weeks that pass, DOTS will meet and register even more street dogs in order to keep them safe and well supported moving forward during their lives on the streets.

Whether via the team taking to the streets to introduce themselves to the homeless and their best friends or newbies turning up to one of the street stations through word of mouth, the numbers just keep growing.

In the last couple of weeks alone, a further five doggies have been registered to DOTS care.

So shall we meet these gorgeous furbabies?


Poppy was found during the DOTS team Christmas night out! There’s nothing that stops this team, even when they are dressed in sequins! Via some high heeled on foot outreach, the vet team checked her over and she was left with a new snuggly coat, some food bowls and of course lots of doggy grub. As we often see with dogs living on the streets, many are fed human food which is no good for them at all. So a gentle chat was had with dad as Team DOTS handed over the nutritious doggy food, to warn of the dangers of human food and to tell him all about our street stations where he is more than welcome to visit for a restock. Welcome Poppy…


We understand why this little one is called Toffee, what a sweetie indeed! This girl was the second new doggie Team DOTS met on their Christmas team night out and on meeting her, her mummy told us how she really needed a new coat for her. Hey presto!  And we didn’t stop there. As well as the coat, we left dog food and brand new bowls and some water for Toffee. Hope to see you again soon…


Pictured bottom second from right. Again, via some recent mobile outreach we met Jazz. Given the extra nip in the air just now with those winter nights getting harsher and harsher, we didn’t hesitate to give this beautiful girl a brand new cosy coat.


We found out about this lovely lad when his dad was recommended DOTS by one of our homeless buddies recently. We received a call from dad asking if we could help his best friend with a new coat and some food. But of course! You’ve come to the right place dad. As well as registering R, we left him with lots of food and toys and hope to see them at a station service soon.


Pretty little Bon! She came to us in need of all the essentials and we kitted her out straight away with a warm tartan coat and harness, and gave dad loads of doggy food to get them through the next couple of weeks.



We know it’s that time of year when pennies are tight and the Christmas prezzie list seems to grow and grow. But if you’ve any dish to spare at all, you can head here. Thank you…