Michelle Clark


We have a team of vets & vet nurses that attend our stations & outreaches


Fees Pamper Camper
I’ve had a passion for dogs since I was little. I decided to follow my dream 5 years ago and make it real. I took an intensive C&G Dog grooming course and started working along side someone. Last year I purchased my own van and became Fees Pamper Camper, I met Michelle as she booked me to groom her fur-babies, we talked about DOTS and I wanted to give my time to less fortunate people who’s furry companions needed pampering. Siobhaun who assists me with bathing the street dogs also has an equal passion for helping others so I invited her to help.


Kimberly – Trainer

Kimberly Freeman has been a leading dog industry expert and pet professional for 14 years both in the UK and USA. Kimberly has experience ranging from helping family pets to rehabilitating dogs after disasters (her speciality being rescue animals and aggression). Kimberly is the founder and head trainer at , where she provides private and group dog training lessons for dogs of all ages. She is also the founder and CEO of , a dog lifestyle website dedicated for urban dogs and their owners. Kimberly is an avid animal fosterer and volunteers with several animal rescue groups as a foster mum, dog expert and home checker. Kimberly also works as a professional actress and voice over artist both on stage and screen. She leads a rather eclectic life with dogs by day and acting by night and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Vicky – DOTS Blogger

I think calling myself a crazy dog lady would be an accurate description. I grew up with dogs as the family pet, from Alsatians to Staffies and I’m now a humum to Rupert the Mini Dachshund.

An ideal day out for me when I was a child would often involve me begging my mum to take me to the local dog shelters where I would sit on the floor, the bars between us, just chatting to them or poking my fingers through to give a stroke.

In adult life, if I am walking down the street and I see a dog on the end of a lead walking on the other side of the road towards me, I will often find some sort of reason to cross paths with it to say hello. When passing a dog, my husband often points out that ‘I’m making that strange clicking noise again’ as I extend out a friendly hand to their nose.

A few years ago I volunteered for Crisis at Christmas, specifically in the dog centre where the homeless with dogs would register to stay for the week. Although in many ways heartbreaking, seeing the love between the dogs and their owners was beautiful. The owners weren’t allowed to stay in the same room as the dogs overnight, so they had to trust us, the ones assigned to the dog room to take good care of them. The owners were fidgety and lost without their fur babies, the fur babies equally so.

So with a background in digital marketing spanning over 10 years, and finding out about DOTS through Jade, one of Rupert’s vets, the moment I saw the request for a volunteer blogger I jumped to it! I love writing and storytelling, I guess as a marketer you have to be good at engaging people. So to have the opportunity to tell such wonderful stories about London street dogs and the work of DOTS is the perfect combination. I am so very inspired by Michelle and the team, it’s an absolute privilege to be involved in such important work.

I have my own blog – – where I write a bit about wellbeing too, another passion of mine.