To help the countless street dogs remain healthy and well, it is vital that they receive the very best in nutrition. Life on the streets can be so tough for homeless doggy owners that sometimes they are forced to feed their companions human food which can play havoc with their health. Help from our wonderful ongoing dry doggy food partner, Barking Heads is therefore a brilliant way for us to ensure that each week the street dogs are stocked up with nourishing food and snacks to keep them in tip top condition. 

The Barking Heads story started in 2008. Paul, Dave and Jim all worked for an American pet food company and when said company was bought by the people who make Mars Bars, they decided to seek pastures new and the entrepreneurial spirit took over. Before long they started a business making and selling a range of ultra-premium, all-natural and healthy food for dogs and cats. And thank goodness for that.





We were delighted to receive an email from Mikki Pet Products with interest of being an official sponsor to DOTS, No time wasted , myself and 2 team members, Fiona (Groomer) & Kimberley (Trainer) made a trip to Dorking head office to meet the wonderful MIKKI PETS team! It was like a day out shopping as we left with bags of their amazing Grooming & Training products as well as boxes of toys and goodies. It truly is wonderful to have them on board supporting the street dogs as our sponsor!

Back in 1980, the first Mikki product to hit the market was the infamous Mikki Muzzle, this contemporary update on the traditional basket muzzle was loved by dog trainers as it allowed the feeding of treats whilst training – the first muzzle available on the market to do this.

Four years later, Mikki launched its first ever range of grooming products – designed by groomers, for groomers and pet owners alike. Over 30 years later Mikki has grown and after listening to feedback from its customers, has expanded its ranges to include everyday training and care solutions. Mikki knows that one size does not fit all and has tailored its ranges to meet the demands of a wide variety of breed shapes and sizes. Be it your dog pulling on his lead or your cat not taking her pills, Mikki’s got a solution.





Pet remedy is a natural spray that encourages calm in anxious dogs. It works with the pet’s own natural calming mechanisms by mimicking GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) which is a natural calming agent present in all mammals, reptiles, and birds.

These products are essential around this time of year for dogs living on the streets because of fireworks, lights and increased amounts of people.

Pet Remedy are an on-going product sponsor, providing our homeless dogs with calming sachet wipes and we want to thank them for their continued support and generosity.

Pet Remedy are offering 25% off with code DOTS25 until 12th November 2017.

Photizo Light Therapy is a non-invasive alternative therapy tool for wound healing, musculoskeletal conditions and pain relief. Photizo kindly donate their hand-held devices to help our homeless furry friends and we’d like to thank them for their generosity. We use these portable devices on our station particularly for the dogs with arthritis, muscular and othapedic issues. This is proving to have a big benefit with the dogs in movement and comfort.


Life on the streets for doggies can be a bit…toyless. The dogs themselves are quite often just not used to playing. So DOTS wanted to find a sturdy enough dog toy partner in order to launch our ‘station toys’ for the visiting dogs to play with each week.

Kong came forward and donated 30 original Kongs in various sizes for our precious street dogs.We now stuff them with food each week (a firm favourite is peanut butter paste) and let them take their pick of the bunch to enjoy during their visit. After each station, DOTS sterilises every Kong in preparation for use again at upcoming stations.

Dogs love KONG. The way it bounces keeps them engaged and ready to play. It has a soft mouth feel for a satisfying chew and, of course, it’s super durable. KONG toys are the best of the best in quality, originality, variety, safety, and value.

Thanks Kong!

Feelwells offer a range of healthy, natural, tasty and nutritious hypo-allergenic food and treats for dogs. Because some of our dogs are on very specific diets, it is essential that we have supplies of healthy dog foods like Feelwells. Feelwells regularly send us treats and dried food from their vast range and on receipt of our first delivery was blown away with their kindness with the volume and would like to send them a huge thank you for their continued support and generosity too.
I cannot express in words the excitement we felt receiving a message followed by a telephone call from HUXLEY HOUND telling us how much they would love to come on board in
supporting us as a long term product support partner providing the worlds first range of fully traceable organic vegetable treats for dogs!! Being able to now provide these to our street dogs we help support is truly amazing and very nutritional for their health.
Huxley hound will also be coming along to our dog station on 2nd April. Thank you so very much for being such generous amazing support partner.

Huxley hound has always loved dogs and ever since Huxley and Rolo, their  beloved pair of long-haired mini dachshunds became a part of their family, they’ve taken a great deal of interest in their overall health, lifestyle, and well-being.

Their belief is that as natural omnivores, every dog’s diet should include a healthy balance of meat and nutritious dog friendly vegetables. This will provide them with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

They created the Huxley Hound ‘Better Than Raw™’ healthy dog treat range from their passion for raw feeding and natural canine nourishment, and have one simple goal – to make sure that as many dogs as possible have access to high quality nutrition.

Their ‘Better Than Raw™’ fully traceable organic vegetable treats are delicious, and believe will help to improve the nutritional intake of every dog, whatever their diet.

With Better Than Raw™, every treat’s a healthy boost.

Twitter: @HuxleyHoundUK     Instagram: huxleyhounduk       Facebook: Huxley Hound

We always love to hear from new and fresh businesses within the doggy world. So when the guys at Butternut Box made contact with us, we swiftly followed up by meeting Dave there over a coffee.

Since then, they have been so wonderfully supportive, providing trays of fresh dog food at our street stations (that they’ve personally attended too!) and donating to our Amazon wishlist.

Here’s their story in a nutshell, in their own words…

Butternut Box was inspired by the health issues of our rescue dog, Rudie. She was itchy, nervous and smelly (hence the name Rudie). Nothing seemed to make a difference. Our vet suggested her diet could be to blame and after switching her to home cooked food we were astounded by the change in her condition.

Here’s what matters most to Butternut Box: Making great dog food, creating a community of dog lovers

, giving back to dogs in need, building trust and speaking our minds, surrounding ourselves with positive people, having fun.

We’re thrilled to have them on board!


urDog is a dog walking and doggie day care business based in South London, and we are proud to support the work that Michelle and the Dogs on the Street team do – day in, day out.

So many people and businesses donate to the big well known animal charities, but we wanted to support a smaller, London-based organisation, and when we heard about DOTS we were blown away by the amazing work they do.

We are told that even our small contribution can help provide medical and other support for these very unique and special four-legged companions.

A bit about us here at urDog…

Based in Herne Hill, South London, we’re a dog walking and day care business looking after dogs from all over South and South East London.

We pick up and drop back from home at a time to suit, we’re fully insured and licensed, and have an smart air conditioned van for those warmer days!

So, if you need a regular walker, someone to provide company during the day, or are planning a trip away without your four-legged friend– urDog is here to help.

We’ll look after your beloved dog as if it were our own.

Contact us at if you’d like to have an initial chat and meeting or call Rhett on 07866 565969