What Medication We Provide The Street Dogs…

We are very fortunate to have teamed up with “Street Vet” Jade who supports DOTS LONDON at our doggy stations once a month as well as joining us with mobile outreach across London providing thorough health checks to the street dogs.

Jade is able to provide any necessary medication such as prescription flea and wormers, microchipping, pain relief and antibiotics to the dogs. Some of the street dogs are on long term medication that we can provide, free of charge, to the homeless owner.

Streetvet is supported by the Blue Cross who kindly stock Jade with her basic kit , but any additional specific medication or equipment needed, must be fundraised for.

If you would like to help support the veterinary aspect of DOTS LONDON, a donation made on our ‘medication PayPal Link below’ would be greatly appreciated. All medications dispensed to the dogs are prescription only.

All dogs dispensed medication by Jade are supported with emergency ongoing care provided by the Blue Cross