Sunday June 4th was a sad day as people awoke to the news of the terror attack near London Bridge the night before.

Team DOTS made the decision on Sunday morning to carry on, not least because we wanted to ensure that our homeless friends and their doggies were accounted for and safe. On that note, we are delighted to say that each and every one is.

It’s at times like these that human compassion is the only answer. We rally around those in need, those in shock and disbelief. And this is the essence of our values here at DOTS, through and through.

Before we move on to covering our station last week, we just want to share a public wish of strength to those effected by the atrocious violent acts that took place. Our thoughts are with you…


Although London felt shaken and subdued last Sunday morning, it was a surprising day in that we still welcomed 8 street dogs to our station.

Michelle described it as a ‘lovely surprise and very emotional to see our friends walking up to the station with their fur babies – tails wagging, wet nose kisses…’ .

Once the station was set up, including, of course, the chalked street art from our homeless volunteers, we were ready with open arms to meet…

Itty bitty Roxy!

Remember our tiniest furiend from a few stations back? Well she rocked up again with her daddy for a full health check, claw trim, some treatments for fleas and worms plus of course a big bag of goodies. She’s such a tiny little dot of a pup, we adore her!

Gummy Cassie

Well, what a recovery this little old lady is making since having 40 teeth taken out! She was checked over by the vet team and is doing so well.

Handsome Gunner

This lovely chap returned from the week before to have his ear infection checked on. After a week of dad applying his antibiotic ear drops, his ears are already cleared and good as new! Here he is with another new ball…they’re his faves! After a little play, off he trotted with his dad who had a big bag of Nature Diet yumminess for the week ahead…oh yes, and a few more balls.

Sweetheart Babe

Look at this gorgeous girl. She came to see us for more food supplies and a health check. All is well, that’s what we like to hear! Her daddy was kind enough to ask for a DOTS tshirt so that he can help spread the word, so Michelle rustled one up for him and off he went, proudly showing it off to passers by.

Our lovely Misty

Well, a street station just wouldn’t be the same without a visit from this girly would it? Again, this is another street dog we recently operated on for the removal of 5 mammary masses and just look at her doing so well!

Our little private pup…

This little chap is one we have agreed to not reveal the name of, as requested by his daddy. But he’s the happiest pup! His daddy loves him so much, but life on the streets can make you very untrusting and he is just so nervous that he’ll be taken away from him. We are so happy that we have built up enough trust with dad to make sure that his little doggy can get neutered via one of our street vets team. At time of writing, he has arrived safely at the veterinary surgery just this morning for the procedure…

Tyson the teddy

Yay, a repeat visit from this little lad who we first met the week before. Such a nice boy, you just want to squish him with cuddles, just like his dad does! He popped by for a check up, tummy tickles and treats. We also supplied dad with a cooling mat for him.

Lady Lucky

Last but not least, was a visit from Lucky. She is 12 years old and her and her dad were one of the first homeless friends that Michelle made some 5 years ago. as Michelle explains ‘Lucky’s dad has always remained in contact with me and we meet frequently, be it for a coffee, pizza or chat on the phone’. Dad brought Lucky along for a health check after noticing some out of character signs. So our vets took a sample of blood and the plan is to get her in for a heart scan and X-ray to see what’s what.

Another fine Sunday afternoon making sure the street dogs are treated and nourished.

DID YOU KNOW…? Just this week we are pleased to announce that we are supporting pets in the Salvation Army Life House. It’s a place that accommodates homeless people and their furry companions. We’ll be holding an in house station there once a month starting June 16th. We have doggy essentials covered, but this house also welcome cats so we are after cat food, biscuits, toys. Can anyone help? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram or via


Thank you…

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