Easter Sunday. A time for big hot roast dinners and chocolate egg scoffing for most. But this Easter saw the DOTS team out in action and ready to welcome doggy visitors to our 4th street station.

What a month! It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind. No sooner had we launched this initially monthly project, we were making them weekly.

And it’s the best decision we’ve made.

Seeing repeat visits from some of our street dogs, plus welcoming newbies makes us so very grateful to everyone who is helping us make this possible. If you could see the gratitude on the homeless owners faces and the joy from the doggies having a play and a pamper, it would melt your heart. We love doing what we do, and we are so excited for this to keep growing and developing, possibly nationwide.

In the last week we’ve also issued an official press release, our first one since launch! Eeeeek! The intention is to help raise awareness of the work we are doing, why we are doing it and the effect it is having on London street dogs and their owners. As we’ve mentioned previously, we are either self or publicly funded. So drumming up some coverage and media support for our project, we hope will lead to increased word of mouth, donations, and specialists coming forward to join our cause.

We’ve had a great response so far and even had an online piece from The Big Issue up online pretty much straight away. You can read that here. Michelle is now coordinating the interest from other media outlets, so we’re sure we’ll have more info on that in the next blog.

But for now, back to our station on Easter Sunday.

On this particular Sunday we had Street Vets head vet Jade and Kimberly from City Dog Expert with us.

In the spirit of Easter, we had prepared some carrot goodie bags, filled to the brim with treats. Plus had some cooked sausages on the go.

We had to make sure that due to the London Marathon the following week, that any visitors got stocked up with 2 weeks worth of supplies for their pups. We took the decision to not hold a station on April 23rd due to the rammed London streets. It just wouldn’t be safe or enjoyable for the dogs.

So while a talented homeless man decorated the pavement in front of our station using his coloured chalks, we started to welcome our visitors…


Delicate greyhound, Ghost
Ghost came specifically to see the vet because she had a cut foot, possibly due to stepping on some broken glass. Jade happily cleaned up the wound and supplied some medication for the owner to apply to keep from infection and to promote healing. We then issued Ghost’s owner with loads of essentials; food, treats and a brand new lead for our graceful friend.


Gunner…well, Gunner’s dad
Gunner himself didn’t come see us this week, he was with a friend. But it was so brilliant that his dad remembered to come visit us still to get important bits for him. He actually told us that DOTS really relieves his own stress and that he feels so much more secure as a dog owner knowing we are here to support him. How wonderful! He went on to tell us that he now relies on us as we provide good quality food for his best buddy. Don’t you worry Gunner (and dad) we’re going to keep doing this so that more and more street doggies like you can start living a healthier and safer street life.

Our gorgeous Misty has a second mammary mass so her owner brought her specifically to see Jade for some advice and an assessment. Jade gently reassured the owner that Misty really is in need of an operation to remove the lump. After a short conversation about it, Misty’s owner advised that he really only wants Jade to do the operation. This is such a big step for us. Seeing the trust we are building up week after week with not only the dogs but the owners is delightful. So, now we need to sort out the logistics of making this operation happen, and this is going to include raising the money to fund it. To have Jade carry out the op at the veterinary surgery where she works when she’s not helping street dogs, we need to act fast and secure a few hundred pounds to cover op costs and accommodation for the owner and Misty post operation. This is to ensure that while she has a new wound that needs to heal, that she is in a clean and warm environment. Donations are welcome, please do head here if you have any spare dosh to give. Thank you.


Handsome Rocky returned to see the vet and to stock up on essentials. Jade treated some skin irritation and issued antibiotics and some cream to his owner. And because Rocky was a bit sore around his head, we ensured that he left us with a spanking new super dooper harness instead, to limit any uncomfortable rubbing. And doesn’t he rock it! Unfortunately his visit was a little more embarrassing than Rocky would’ve possibly liked, when Jade put on her surgical gloves and drained his anal glands! Extra treats for you Rocky!


Around 4pm all was coming to a close at the station when Michelle received a call from a member of the public who had picked up a Jack Russell who was found running around London roads without his human. After the member of the public told Michelle the details from the DOTS collar tag on the little lad, Michelle went through her doggy database and identified him as Milo. Michelle and Jade then went on a wild goose chase for 5 hours, picking up Milo and finally locating the owner and successfully reuniting the pair!

It was a very long day, but all worth it to have healthier and safer dogs on the streets.

So with April 23rd being cancelled, our station on the 30th April is going to be the full works. Precious doggy visitors can expect Street vet Jade, Fees Pamper Camper, City Dog Expert, Huxley Hound and our newbie supporter, the lovely Butternut Box guys. Oh and possibly a News film crew!

We cant wait to see loads of our furiends come and enjoy the afternoon with us.

DID YOU KNOW…that we are hoping to extend our street dog care to include a free monthly inoculation clinic? To get up and running we really do rely on public donations. Even just £1, whatever you can spare. Head here to our donation link…Thank you.

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