Sunday 14th May and the weather was convincing us that British Summertime had finally landed.

Team DOTS were getting ready for a busy day ahead not only with the seventh street station, but also for a visit to the All Dogs Matter Great Hampstead Bark Off event as their first stop that morning.

Proudly wearing their DOTS t-shirts, Michelle and Jade did the rounds, meeting and greeting some lovely pooches and also met and chatted to celebrity judge, Michelle Collins…and her own furbaby, Humphrey!

All Dogs Matter is a kind supporter of DOTS, supplying us with donated items so it was great for Michelle and Jade to squeeze in a visit to their event before hot footing it to The Strand.

So as our branded canopy was hoisted up and the essentials table stocked right to the edges with goodies for the homeless doggy owners to help themselves to, the street station got underway.

First up, let’s start with our wonderful Misty…

This station was the last before Misty was to be operated on by our very own street vet, Jade!

Misty’s devoted owner was more than a little apprehensive about the upcoming surgery on his pup but team DOTS were there to reassure him that she would be in the very best hands. It has taken the careful work of Jade and Michelle to win Misty’s dads trust to be able to push ahead with making sure the lumps and bumps on her chest and belly could be removed.

So while Michelle looked after Misty’s dad on operation day earlier this week, Jade took excellent care of her. removing the mammary mass and keeping her comfortable and reassured as she came to.

At time of writing, Misty has now had her surgery and is recovering well! Thanks to public donations, Misty and her daddy have been able to stay in a hotel close to the veterinary surgery for the last few days to ensure that a dozy Misty could recover in clean and warm surroundings rather than head back out on to the wet streets. It’s so very important that given her fresh wounds that she has the best shot at healing as quickly as possible. Jade will be doing follow ups with Misty at the upcoming street stations but so far she’s doing brilliantly and dad is under strict instructions with her medications!

Moving on to special pals, Tyson and Teddy…

These two handsome boys were both microchipped and vaccinated for accommodation prerequisite purposes. They also got tons of goodies and treats and Teddy particularly liked playing with his new toy.

At time of writing, Michelle has been to visit them both in their new flat – how brilliant!! Michelle obviously went armed with some kindly donated doggy beds for them both.

It makes us tingle with happiness when we see a happy ending like this. Two gorgeous dogs and their owners now OFF the streets. DOTS will continue supporting the dogs and we hope to see them at another station soon for a goodies re-stock.


Welcome newbie Bella!

We love meeting and registering new street dogs with DOTS and this weeks newbie was Bella.

Bella’s owner came to us for some advice on doggy socialisation and suggested himself that we pop a muzzle on her for the time being until she shows a good response to some training, which we’re sure wont be long.  Bella had a small wound from a recent situation with another dog so her responsible daddy brought her along to be checked out by Jade. All checked out and provided with goodies, Bella went on her way.

Smiley Babe…

Ahhh, how this staffy gives us the best smiles! Look at her.

Babe popped by for a regular health check (well done dad for being so consistent with making sure your pup is in tip top condition!) and left with lots of food and treats, of course!

RJ, in the wars…

Not all dogs and their owners just swing by to collect the essentials and have a regular health check, every now and then they come to us because of particular issues.

This week RJ came to us with an ear infection and a poorly paw having stepped in some glass. Jade got straight to it and fixed him up! She gave the owner drops for his ears and removed the glass – good as new! Armed with a bag of goodies, a more comfortable RJ made his way back on to the streets.

Another successful afternoon! Well, at least Misty and Babe thought so, we overheard them having a natter…

DID YOU KNOW…that from May 28th we will be holding a monthly vaccination clinic at the street station? We’re hoping for a busy day on the 28th to protect as many doggies as possible via important jabs. To help us fund these vaccination vet kits we rely on public donations. Please give all you can via this here link! So very appreciated.


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