Ok, don’t speak too soon but have you noticed that we’re on a bit of a sunshiny roll at the moment? And last Sunday was no exception! So what better excuse to set up a mini doggy pool party on the pavement of The Strand huh? That’s right, team DOTS decided that to make sure our visitors were cool and calm at this street station, that we would provide a couple of paddling pools under a gazebo for the doggies to splash around in to help regulate their temperatures in the summer sun.

But would it be a hit with the pups? Let’s find out…

It’s a no from Jethro

Our first furry visitor was Jethro who was in need of a further anal gland drain – yikes! – which was very gently done before he was then spoilt with lots of goodies for being such a brave boy. Maybe it was the fingers up the bum treatment that put him off, but Jethro wasn’t very keen at all on the pool…

Babe makes a splash!

Woohoo! We can always rely on Babe. After a reluctant start she decided to give it a go and happily splashed about chasing balls! Babe also had some blood taken by the vets to have checked out. DOTS will of course be funding the blood test to make sure our girl is well supported whatever the outcome. We’ll keep you updated.

Gunning for a dip…

Next up was Gunner who came along to have a check up and weigh in. He couldn’t resist having a dip in the pool whilst dad was getting all his food & goodies together! So nice for the dogs to have a cool down!  Well done Gunner!

A quick hello from Rocco

Rocco & dad came by for a brief visit, mainly to get a muzzle as dad was saying how Rocco’s socialisation with other dogs has been getting worse. This is such responsible dog ownership, to notice your dogs behaviour and to seek out solutions to help improve it. So it was over to our fab dog trainer Kimberly who ensured the correct size muzzle, kindly donated by Mikki Pet UK was fitted.

Tyson’s second favourite thing…

Arguably the doggy that had the most fun with the pools was of course our cuddle bunny Tyson!This boy had so much fun going in and out the pool continuously taking the balls out before we’d then put them back in. And on and on it went. Such a pleasure to watch. Check out the video on our Instagram here. Tyson was eventually prized away from the pool to have a paw check up after he was taken in last week for a sedated procedure to investigate the little lump that had cropped up. The difference in just a few days is amazing, it’s nearly all cleared up!

What a gorgeous day. It was a lovely seeing the furbabies splashing around in the pools while their dads relaxed & chatted in the poolside chairs. All the dogs were checked over by the vets & trainer and to top it off, while the dogs dived into the water, we dived into a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Each to their own.

SPREAD THE WORD! Print out our leaflets and pass on to London’s homeless doggy owners…

Ever wondered what the right thing to do is if you see a homeless person and their dog sleeping rough on the streets? Well, sometimes they just want a chat. To know that they are seen. To not feel invisible. Just this week we’ve decided to help you make that first approach, as we know it can feel strangely intimidating. You don’t want to offend them or scare them. You don’t want to say the wrong thing. So perhaps a simple ‘hello’ and that you’ve noticed they have a doggy and would they be interested in getting their best friend some free healthcare, food and essentials to keep them healthy. Then handing them one of our street station leaflets so that they can see all the details to then make their own minds up about paying us a visit.

To download and print a leaflet about our weekly Sunday station on The Strand, click here.

To download and print a leaflet about our weekly Wednesday evening hub station at Kings Cross, click here.



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