Sunday 16th of July saw the return of our weekly doggy station on The Strand and oh lordy was it a busy one!

You never really know who might turn up from week to week and as our numbers of registered dogs grows all the time, we’re bound to have a bumper edition every now and then.

With the street chalk art that one of our homeless buddies does for us all ready, we were set.

This week we welcomed 8 doggies to our station…

First up, Jethro…who likes to be up high!

This boy is a right character. When his dad is on the move around London he quite often likes to have a better vantage point as he sits perched on his dads shoulders! He swung by to have his second vaccination and for dad to get some advice on having Jethro (ssssshhh…!) castrated. Of course dad wouldn’t be in a position to pay for this procedure so DOTS is happy to start making arrangements, both financial and veterinary, to make this happen. We think Jethro may have overheard the news of his upcoming op so we filled a bag full of toys  and goodies to soften the blow…We’ll keep you updated on next steps.

Zena the doggy princess

Such a lovely girl! Zena received a new purple colour and lead as well as food, treats and toys. She was also given the once over by the vet.

Babe’s back!

This girl never fails to show up…we love her so much. This week she came along simply for a new squeaky toy and without hesitation chose this one that she shook, squeaked and held onto it like a bar of gold! Bless her cottons…

New balls please…

Yes! it’s Tyson of course! Ohhh this little cuddle monster is such a treasure. Look at his face as he eagerly awaits a homemade treat. Tyson also received his second vaccination and goes without saying a collection of new tennis balls…in green, blue and yellow no less.

Rocco rocked up

It was lovely to see Rocco back for a visit as last week dad was in a bit of a rush.

Doggy had a check up on his eye by the vet and was prescribed some medication and then he was kitted out with a new harness and lead as well as food and toys!

Teeny ickle Roxy

Oh little sweetheart, hello! What do they say about small dogs? Our Roxy does have a fiery streak thats for sure but wouldn’t you if you were that small? She adores her daddy so much. With the smallest muzzle we could find secured on, our vets and nurse could give Roxy a little pawdicure. Because she was such a good girl, she naturally left with a big bag of food and treats as she was popped back in daddy carry bag.

Newbie, Princess

Meet Princess, our newest DOTS doggy. She turned up with nothing other than daddy and a burst football so that will never do! Fast forward a few moments later after a health check and she was leaving with a new harness, collar, lead , food, treats, toys and a beaming smile from daddy!

Oldie but goodie, Lucky

Michelle has personally known and supported Lucky and his amazing dad for 5 years out on the streets and this week poor Lucky had a sore ear that needed vet care and attention. Dad was also given next months supply of the heart medication that DOTS fundraised for. Dad himself was feeling very unwell so we provided him with some food and a drink and I decided to have him transported by mini cab back to the homeless hostel they are staying in! We’ll be keeping a close on them.

So wowee! What a day! The team didn’t get home until early evening but all in a days work to help the precious London street dogs. We even had a visit from a Met Police officer who passed by to say hello. As a dog lover herself, she got stuck in helping Lucky pick out a new toy.


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