Fresh from a wonderful day at Pup Aid the day before, last Sunday’s station on The Strand was equally as exciting for DOTS…wanna know why?

Well, DOTS was honoured to have been contacted to film with the amazing Dr Scott Miller for the new series of Vet on the Hill! Wowee! The Vet on the Hill team were a pleasure to meet and work with and everyone including the street dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Vet on the Hill returns to More4 in the Autumn, we’ll let you know when we know more…we hope they got our good sides…

But back to what DOTS does best…treating the street dogs!

First up, was Spike…

Michelle had first heard of Spike through a DOTS supporter and arranged immediate care for his bad ear before they’d even met. Then Michelle bumped into him and dad at his follow up appointment and told them to come down to the station for essentials and goodies. So they did! Now, as Spike was doing the rounds of the various DOTS services, during a health check our vet spotted that all was not well with one of Spikes eyes. Since the station, DOTS arranged for a follow up consultation and it turns out that poor Spike is suffering with a condition called Distichiasis in one of his eyes. This condition is where an eyelash grows from an abnormal spot on the eyelid and rubs against the eyeball, in Spike’s case causing excruciating ulcers. If left untreated, Spike could lose his sight in one eye. So, DOTS has acted swiftly and arranged for an operation next week to hopefully save his sight and get him pain free. We are fundraising for this procedure and are looking for donors.  COULD YOU HELP SPIKE? Click here to donate, we truly appreciate it.

Gis a kiss Gismo

Smiley Gismo popped by to see us again this week to have a final check after being neutered and he is doing brilliantly! So we filled up a big bag of food and essentials, spoiled him with loads of tummy tickles before he was on his way…

It’s Fizz!

Next to come was oldie Fizz who was popped straight on the scales as someone might have had a few too many pies. Fizz was put on a weight management programme before picking up a bag of (managed) food and natural vegetable treats from Huxley Hound.

Good as Goldie

Well looky here, Goldie turned up and got tucked in to a nutritious bow of Butternut Box yummies. Remember last week when we were treating pawly Goldie for a burn on her foot? Well this week she got the all clear!

Indie girl

Ha! Someone likes her Barking Heads! Indie popped by to have her vaccinations from our vet before collecting some treats and toys and getting on her way…

Lovely Lola

How can anyone say no to that face? Lola swung by for some new essentials, from a harness and lead to a brand new squeaky toy. DOTS has been supporting Lola who suffers with elbow dysplasia and has funded 10 sessions of hydro therapy which she is still doing. See you again soon Lola!

Last but not least…Lucky!

Last week this gorgeous girl turned 13! Lucky is the first dog in central London that Michelle started supporting some 5 years ago by providing essentials. DOTS is now supporting her with her health and by providing medication for her recently diagnosed heart disease condition. However our vet has picked up on something whilst health checking her, which is resulting in a cardiology consultation. We will keep you updated! If you could spare some money for Lucky’s care, please head to our Misty Memorial donation page, specifically created for doggies needing specialist veterinary support.

So, 7 doggies tended to. Happy days…

Thanks for reading!

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