There was a hint of early Autumn in the air at our last Sunday station. The leaves were falling and some drizzly clouds were overhead. As the turn of the season rolls in, life starts to get tougher on the streets for our homeless friends and their beloved companions. Their minds turn to the looming  winter months and support from homeless organisations becomes even more vital.

Whilst DOTS is first and foremost about the health and welfare of the street dogs, our aim is to help as many homeless doggy owners off the streets and into accommodation as possible, with their dogs. One of the main barriers to securing accommodation, even temporary, is the dogs themselves. Many landlords just don’t allow them, regardless of their good behaviour and most homeless people would rather be on the streets with their best friends than in shelter without.

The love between man and dog knows no bounds, homeless or not, and the powerful bond is what keeps a lot of homeless people as strong as possible. Their dogs are their lives and purpose.

You’ll see at the bottom of this blog how you can help us make sure we are fully stocked up on winter essentials this year.

Back to the station!

We welcomed 8 doggies this week.

First up, was Lola…

A huge fan of toys, it warms our heart to see this gorgeous girl roll around with the pick of the bunch. DOTS has been supporting Lola after she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. We have funded 10 sessions of hydrotherapy to help with the condition and also had her on a weight management programme. Moving forward, she will be seeing our vets to make a plan for her future wellbeing.

Ahhh, it’s Babe!

Babe always looks like she’s giving us a cheeky wink don’t you think? This lovely girl swung by to collect her meds and check that her weight management programme is having an impact. Good news Babe! You weighed in lighter…look at those cheekbones. Maybe that news explains the wink..

Welcome Kaiser…

New to DOTS, Kaiser’s coat matched the Autumn vibes of this weeks station. Gorgeous boy. After registering him to DOTS we stocked him up on a new harness, food, treats and a kong toy. Next week he’ll be coming back for vaccinations and flea and worming treatments. See you then Kaiser!

Pretty girl Goldie

Goldie is a huge fan of Butternut Box yumminess. In fact, we think she might need to be sponsored by them as she’s turning her nose up at other food now! Well, with a name like Goldie, only the best will do!

Newbie Missy…

A big hello to Missy who was also new this week. After registering her in the DOTS books, we provided her with a biiiiig bag of treats, bed, harness, collar and lead and a shiny DOTS tag with our details on. Next week she’ll be back for some training and vaccinations. Nice to meet you Missy!

Missy…number two!

Ah, another one! Her mummy is concerned about a lump that she’s found so next week we will ensure that a sample is taken to rule out anything nasty. But for now, after lots of fuss and tickles, Missy made away with her favourite food and treats for the week ahead. We’ll keep you updated.

Another newbie…Diesel!

Ooooh we really like it when we register new dogs to us, it’s a great sign that the word is spreading about DOTS and that we are a recommended and trusted resource to the homeless doggy owning community. Diesel got the full works with regards essentials  and we hope to see him again next week for some training with Kimberley.

And finally, Drama

We first met this pretty little girl last week at our Kings Cross hub station. She’s full of beans so will be receiving some training soon but for now she was topped up with loads of essentials and a bed. See you next time Drama!



A little plea if you don’t mind.

We’re in need of dosh to help us cater for the needs of the homeless and their pups for the winter months that are just around the corner. To keep them and their dogs as warm and comforted as possible when the English weather takes a nosedive. If you could spare any amount, that would be wonderful. Here’s the link for money donations or you could head to our Amazon wishlist to donate specific items including sleeping bags and doggy coats.

As always, thank you so much for your kindness.

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