It might have been a grey and breezy Autumnal day yesterday, Sunday 1st October, but nothing will stop the bright and bubbly Team DOTS from setting up the weekly doggy station on The Strand!

Check out this lovely lot, ready to go! We had vets, a vet nurse, trainer and station volunteers on hand to see to our doggy arrivals and to chat to their humans. We even had a special guest pay us a visit, Dr Roger Mugford! For those who  don’t know, Roger is known as Britain’s leading animal psychologist (or ‘dog whisperer’!), not to mention being a prolific author, educator and animal welfare advocate. He came down with his beloved doggy Shadow who he rescued from a terrible fate at a Korean Meat Farm! Was lovely to see them both and show them all about DOTS…Thanks for joining!

We saw 6 precious four leggies this week, so without further ado…

Whadda Babe

Of course this gorgeous gal came down to see us, like clockwork each week this little lady and her daddy!  Babe is doing such a good job on her weight management programme which is testament to her loving daddy who makes sure that she now only gets the best from DOTS each week to make sure she isn’t eating anything she shouldn’t any more. Babe had a quick health check and off they trotted…

The Gunner show

Up next was lovely Gunner boy. He loves coming to see us for loads of fuss and tickles. Founder Michelle, has known Gunner for 4 years now and he’s just as playful as when they first met. His first stop at this weeks station was at the weight management station where all is going very well indeed. Then he was off to see the vets where it was found that he could do with booking in for some dental treatment which DOTS will arrange and fund. Of course this boy took away some of his favourite essentials…See you next time!

Pretty as a Princess

This little lady is another tennis ball fiend, just like our friend Tyson. Shown loads of love and affection on her visit to the station this week, Princess picked up some new toys and a brand new coat. She was also seen by the vets about one of her teeth that will likely need a procedure. Her dad was a bit apprehensive about this news but with some reassurance from Team DOTS, we are making sure he is also looked after as we plan the simple op. We’ll keep you updated.

Newbie Betty!

Meet the delightful little Betty…new to DOTS. Her mummy was feeling very nervous and wanted to get to know the team as much as possible to start getting some extra support for her best furry friend. After a nice chinwag, Betty was off to see our vet team. Betty too is a bit nervous so the calm care of our team was very important indeed. We’ve advised that Betty comes back for regular visits to get used to DOTS and our services including a nice warm bubble bath and groom! For now though, off she went with a big bag of yummy and fun essentials until next week when we hope to see her again.

Heart of Goldie

Ooooh that handsome face! Hey Goldie! This furry fella came to see us this week to stock up on his absolute favourite feast; Butternut Box. He was then seen by the vets and received his second vaccination and health check which went very well. So with his favourite grub and a new coat, it was back to the streets.

New girl, Missy

Those big beautiful eyes! Pretty Missy is also a DOTS newbie and we’re very happy to have her. the first thing was to removed the cloth muzzle she was wearing and replace is with a cage muzzle from our friends at Mikki Pet. Cage muzzles are so much better for doggies that need to wear them. they give more space, air and a better ability for the dogs to drink water. Missy received a thorough health check with the vet team where she was wormed. Our volunteers kindly then pulled together a big bag of essential goodies for her before she was on her way. Missy will need to undergo some training so we hope to see her back soon!



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