Each Sunday it’s never set in stone just how many precious four legged friends Team DOTS is going to see. Sometimes we have an inkling when owners give Michelle the heads up that they intend to swing by, other times we are reacquainted with doggies who we haven’t seen in a while, not to mention complete newbies!

Our last Sunday station, October 8th, was a right mix when we saw a wonderful 10 furry friends!

Luckily Team DOTS was well manned including new vet Chrissy, Kimberley our trainer, Emma from Purple Bone London, Anna, Robyn, Lesley, Lauren and our homeless buddy Lachlan (the late Misty’s daddy).

So let’s meet the 10 furries shall we?

Another Tyson…

Perhaps not the Tyson you’re used to having updates on, but just as handsome! He is one of the dogs we haven’t seen for a while now so it was great that Tyson’s dad knew that if he needed to see us, he knew exactly where to come. After a fuss from Team DOTS, all Tyson needed was some worming and flea treatment and a big bag of goodies to see him on his way…Don’t leave it so long next time gorgeous dog!

Missy..who came for a weigh in

This gorgeous girl is under the close consultation of our vet nurse and weight management specialist, Anna. Drum roll please….In just 3 short weeks, Missy has lost a whopping 2.4kg! To know that Missy’s mum is taking all the advice and following healthy instructions for her girls health is just so warming. Doggy owners, whether homeless or otherwise, just want the very best for their best friends. Missy has been chowing down on Fat Boy Slim dried food from our friends at Barking Heads and it’s doing the trick!

Newbie Bracken

Ahhh look at this sweet little chap! Bracken’s dad was recommended to pay DOTS a visit by a fellow homeless man recently so it was just great to meet them both. Bracken headed over to have a health check with our vets and it was noticed that he could do with a course of antibiotics which we dispensed there and then at no cost to dad. Hopefully we’ll see how Bracken is doing next week but in the meantime, we treated him to a new harness, food and toys.

Handsome Kaiser

Remember this lad from a few weeks back? Well it was just great to see him again! However, Kaiser was a little in the wars after hurting his leg playing the park recently. So off he went to the vets table where he was examined and was given an anti-inflammatory injection/painkiller to help treat and heal. We’ll be checking up on his progress again next week. Dad was just so grateful to DOTS and our medical team, it’s so great to be able to lift some burden off the shoulders of the homeless by making sure their dearest companions are well looked after.

Meet pretty little Flower!

Another newbie to DOTS this week was this little lady, Flower. Flower and dad made their way to us as again, another homeless dog owner had recommended us. We’re so thankful that the word spreads about the work we do and that new doggy owners make their way to come and see us. Flower of course had a health check where she was given flea and worming treatment before trotting off with a big bag of essentials for the week ahead.

Golden Goldie

As alway there was only one thing on this boys mind when coming to this weeks DOTS station. What was that you might ask? A new ball? A warm coat? No, no, no! His absolute favourite food from Butternut Box of course. He just can’t get enough! After he’d sniffed his selection out, he was given flea and worming treatments before setting off, licking his lips, waiting for his tea time!

Our girl, Babe

For a second there we weren’t sure she was going to join us this week, then PHEW there she was walking up the street with dad, her big smile on her face. Babe enjoyed a calming and therapeutic Photizo session for her arthritis this week before being prescribed her regular meds. Babe too, is also under a weight management programme to help her shift some unwanted weight, and she is doing brilliantly!

Bow-wow down to Princess Tia!

Another newbie to DOTS that again came to us as a recommendation. Yay! Such a gentle girl, she went straight in for a vet check before having a new harness fitted and leaving with her first big bag of essentials. Come back soon Tia, there’s more where that little lot came from.

Rocky boy

Look at those peepers! What a lovely little staffy face. It takes Rocky and his dad over an hour to walk to The Strand to come see us but nothing is too much when there is such a bond between human and doggy. Rocky headed over to see our vet team before stocking up on the essentials and goodies.

A trip to visit Teddy!

Another gorgeous face that we haven’t seen for a while belongs to this chap, Teddy. Michelle decided to pop and see him on her way home with a big bag of food and treats.