It’s been a big week for DOTS this last week.

Founder Michelle has had a highly emotional week having been by the side of street dog Poppy who has been living at her house for a number of months now to help her homeless daddy. Poppy has been very poorly of late, undergoing a number of big operations on cancerous lumps. There have been some real ups and downs in the early recovery period post ops. She couldn’t be in safer and more loving hands than those of Michelle though. Everyone at DOTS is thinking of both of them and wishing Poppy a very speedy and smooth recovery.

Secondly, this week saw the launch of a further street station for DOTS, this one in Whitechapel. DOTS has kindly been offered a private gated car park of a homeless hostel in the area for the running of our station. In this first week alone, we treated 10 furries, both dogs and cats. We’re so proud of the continued expansion of DOTS and the ability to reach wider homeless communities around London.

Back to last Sunday though and our regular station on The Strand, London.

10 doggies came to see us this week…

First up, Missy

Fee’s Pamper Camper was all warmed up and ready to go and good job as Missy headed straight into a warm bubble bath! It’s so lovely to see the pleasure some doggies get from being all comforted by the warm water and a cosy towel down afterwards. Missy then had a full health check and we are in the process of arranging for her to be spayed. When she was done, off she headed back to the streets with a big bag of goodies.

Post op check for Princess

You may remember a few weeks back when DOTS arranged and funded thanks to our followers donation a dental op on our Princess. Well she came by to receive her final post op check with our vet volunteers. All seems well and dad is sooo pleased with her progress too! She is eating with ease and enjoys playtime again. Check out this video on our Instagram to see for yourself!

Bracken Boy

Ahh look at this little chap! He’s been a bit in the wars lately which DOTS has been supporting with funded treatments and consultations. This 13 year old lad has been on antibiotics for a skin complaint, plus further meds for an eye issue. All seems to be healing well we are happy to report! At this weeks station he received flea treatment and was microchipped. We couldn’t let this gorgeous boy leave with out a warm bubbly shampoo could we? Course not! Into the tub he went.

Hi Rocky!

It was a quick stop for Rocky this week who needed a top of of his favourite food and a new warm coat to keep him snuggled as winter looms. Happy to help Rocky! See you again soon.

Beautiful Babe

Squeaky toy fiend Babe was in great spirits this week wanting to play with us with her new favourite toy. She then headed in for a wash in the bath, plus an all important weigh in and health check. Because Babe suffers with some arthritic pain, we also did a short session of Photizo therapy on her. She then made off with a big bundle of Nature Diet yumminess for the week ahead. Only the best for our pups!

Big boy Goldie

This handsome lad is such a good boy. He paid a visit this week to get his supply of grub but also a new retractable lead. Groomer Fee then made sure he was a dapper dog by giving him a gentle brush down and claw clip.

Oh hey Kaiser!

Another big BIG softie, Kaiser came to see us with belly rubs high on his wishlist. Your wish was our command gorgeous boy! You’ll remember from last week when Kaiser was starting some medication for an injury he incurred playing out and about with his football. After a vet check up it was decided that a further short course of meds would be best to make sure it all heals as best as can be. Kaiser enjoyed a nice groom and made his way with a big bag of goodies.

Fifi…AKA Beefy….ahahahaha

We’re not entirely sure why but Dad’s nickname for this little miss is Beefy. This really tickles us given the size of her. Here she is having a nice little bubble bath and pamper. A couple of weeks ago Fifi was given some meds for a poorly eye. It seems to have started to heal it, but we’d like to make doubly sure so we’ve arranged for a vet visit next week for a further examination. Before she left, we fitted her with a new cosy coat.

It’s Spike!

Remember this boy who a little while back had an eye operation to save his sight? Well look at him now! The operation, so kindly funded by our supporters and followers, has been deemed a total success. Yay! Spike had a groom this week with us and a health check where we’ve arranged for a further consultation next week for a possible ear condition. We’ll report back…but for now, we’re over the moon at his recovery.

Lovely old Scarper

Did you know that senior dog Scarper was one of the first doggies to be registered to DOTS? So we love to see her for a catch up. Her dad cares for her so well given her age, she’s in great health! Hopefully see you again soon special lady.



As you can see, outside of the costs for running the street stations, we quite often arrange follow up consultation at veterinary practices which often result in medication needs and/or procedures. This is all covered financially by DOTS which is solely reliant on public funding. If you could help our cause and mission to keep as many homeless doggies safe and well, especially as winter looms around the corner, we’d be so thankful for any donations.

You can head here to make a contribution, for which we’d be super grateful.


Until next time…x