Hey all…Vicky DOTS Station blogger here!

I’ve been on summer hols for a few weeks so just playing a nice game of Sunday night blogging catchup.

But what a few weeks it’s been for DOTS.

Words fail to describe the upset at the passing of our beloved Misty. Such a shock and huge loss to everyone who was lucky enough to meet her. But it’s more than that to her lovely and devoted daddy. Misty was described as his co-pilot. His best friend and most faithful companion. Dad loved her so much, so when it was discovered that Misty was very unwell DOTS and our treasured followers and supporters did everything to try and keep the unthinkable from happening.

But our Misty turned out to be a very poorly pup and showed no signs of responding to treatment. It was this wonderful girls time to make her way over rainbow bridge so that all the other pups there can look after her from here on in.

If you saw the photos Michelle shared to the DOTS Instagram over the last week, you will see the absolute heartbreak Misty’s dad experienced over this agonising period. The love between them not just there to see, but to feel. You could literally feel it as they were staring into each others eyes preparing to say goodbye.

We love you Misty and we’re so sorry that you got so poorly. Your memory will live on as one of DOTS most regular and wonderful furbabies. We’ll look after your daddy, don’t you worry.

Michelle would like to send special thank yous to Jade our head Vet and Fee (of Pamper Camper fame). Jade first spotted that something was not right with Misty at a recent Sunday station and speedily got her seen to at Blue Cross before she was referred for special neurology assessment and treatment at Davies Veterinary specialists. And Fee was with Michelle, Misty’s dad and Misty herself when she made her way over rainbow bridge.

The service of DOTS knows no limits. We will be there for our friends (furry and otherwise) whatever the weather.

RIP beautiful Misty…


It didn’t seem right posting blogs just about the last two Sunday stations without mentioning the sad news of Misty but now we move on to July 23rd and 30th.

On the 23rd, we welcomed 7 gorgeous doggies to our station on The Strand. So without further ado…

Introducing Bobo!

Lovely but shy Bobo paid us a first visit to see what this DOTS thing is all about. She’s a timid little thing so team DOTS just took it very slowly with her as she got used to each member of the team. She was treated to a new harness, lead and a big old bag of goodies. Hoping to see more of Bobo so we can keep reassuring her that we are here to help her and her daddy.

Gunner boy

Our handsome chap Gunner stopped by this week to pick up some essentials; food, treats and of course a brand new squeaky toy! During a health check is became clear that Gunners gnashers need a bit of a clean up. So a descale and polish is going to be arranged for him soon to avoid any nasty toothache.

Snowy had a ball

Beautiful Snowy attended the station this week. Remember Snowy from our Kings Cross station? We’re so thrilled when they come back for follow up visits. This week Snowy was microchipped and took a big bag of goodies including a ball and rope toy which he loved! Check out this video on Instagram of him loving life… 

Has anyone seen…

You guessed it! Tyson! This boy always swings by for a visit and a cuddle. Here he is playing with a ball so kindly sent to DOTS and specifically addressed to Tyson. We love our followers! Just a reminder that we are still fundraising to try and get Tyson and his daddy off the streets and into employment. You can read more (and become a donor!) by clicking here. We’re less than £200 from our target!! Thank you…

Playful Ty

This boy just LOVES his toys and always heads straight to the toy box, sniffing out anything that squeaks. On this occasion he made away with not one, not two but three new toys to play with. Have fun and see you again soon Ty!

Little Miss Lucky

Our beautiful senior friend came by to have her ear checked over which had swollen up again. After the vets drained it she was good as new again.

Pretty Scarper

How is this pretty girl 11 years old? What a gorgeous doggy. Dad stopped by as he needed some food plus Scarper had a health check and a flea treatment.


Zip forward a week and on July 30th we welcomed a fab five pups to the Sunday station.

This was the station where poor Misty was discovered as being very ill. So whilst Jade accompanied Misty and her daddy to the Blue Cross for emergency investigations, the rest of team DOTS carried on with the full street station to tend to our other visitors…

18 year old (wow!) Britney

First to come along was a lovely senior lady called Britney. We gave her a thorough health check, flea treatment and she had those beautiful manicured claws cut a little shorter.

Beautiful Babe

Ahhh special girl Babe. Babe had a full health check as well as weight consultation. We had new nurses Sophie and Anna who specialises in weight management control on hand. Sophie and Anna and will be supporting the street dogs with regards meeting and maintaining a healthy weight as they’re partial to a little to much (and often not very doggy friendly) food on the streets.

Tyson the great

Good boy Tyson came to see us as he always does and happily showed us his love for tennis balls. As if we didn’t know Tyson!

Pretty as a Princess

Princess came back to see us today and received a health check, vaccination and a new DOTS registration tag as well as a bundle of food, treats & toys.


So, a few weeks of highs and lows for DOTS. A number of medical procedures, lots of looking after Misty’s daddy and more exciting meetings for Michelle as things really ramp up for us.

DONORS NEEDED…Among the increase in need for medical procedures, medication, food, toys and sometimes temporary accommodation, DOTS is also getting a little desperate for a dedicated van for all DOTS needs. Every week at our two stations plus regular street outreach, we are piling in gazebos, medical tables, allllll the goodies for our essentials tables into our own cars. It’s a wonder we can see over the steering wheels! If you could help us save for a van like this one, we’d be so grateful. It would make a huge difference to the logistical running of DOTS.

If you have a little dosh to spare, you can go to our Paypal donation page here. Thank you, thank you.


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