August Bank Holiday looked, for once, to be a sunshiny affair, but there was no rest for the wicked because Team DOTS were taking on TWO stations on this particular Sunday.

First up was the usual 2-4pm set up on The Strand where the team consisted of Kimberley (trainer), Fee (groomer), Lui (vet), Stuart (head vet nurse) and volunteer of course Michelle.

Cool bowls of water were dotted around the site in anticipation for our panting four legged friends.

First up was little Gismo!

This little sweetie popped by to have his post-op check up after being neutered last week, arranged by DOTS. His healing wound looked in tip top shape so after his stop with the vets it was time to stock up on food, goodies and toys.

Our Babe…

Of course this lovely lady stopped by to say hi, we wouldn’t expect anything less! Her first stop was a cool down in a bubble bath courtesy of Fee’s Pamper Camper. But it’s not just the pooches we pamper around here. DOTS treated Babe’s daddy to a new pair of trainers as his tootsies had been giving him some pain recently. With his girl all cleaned up, it was time for a vet check where something was spotted that might need treatment, more on that to come but she’ll be in safe hands of course. Afterwards it was a restock on food and nibbles and off she went…

Meet Milo…

Ooooh just look at his softy pinky tum! Who can resist a stroke? Not us!

Milo is a DOTS newbie and without hesitation was straight into the bubble bath before dog trainer Kimberley set him up with a new lead and collar and a big bag of goodies. Milo was given the once over by the vets who provided him some simple meds and he was on his way. See you again soon Milo!

Poorly Goldie

Paw paw girl. Goldie turned up this week with a badly burned paw that looked like she may have come across something very corrosive underfoot on her travels. So straight away our vet gave it a good but gentle clean before bandaging it up and placing a rubber sock over the top to protect it. Of course, some painkillers were prescribed as well as getting up to date with her vaccinations. Oodles of treats for this lady today and we’ll see her next week for a follow up…

Meet Lenny!

Well looky here, a gorgeous shar pei/staffy cross. Lenny was a big fan of the bubble bath  before he had a full health check with the vets before his vaccinations, worming treatment and microchipping. We registered Lenny with DOTS so that we can always look after him before providing him a new harness and lead…plus of course a doggy bag full of treats and toys!


So that was it for The Strand but it certainly wasn’t it for Team DOTS!

On to…station number two of the day; Chatham in Kent.


This was the first time we’ve done a station in Chatham and it was fun to get on the road for another mission to treat homeless doggies. Meeting Michelle’s friends Liz and Darren who run an amazing soup kitchen there, Team DOTS were welcomed with open arms.

We met another 6 dogs at this station, bringing our Sunday total to a whopping 11!

As we arrived, some doggies were already waiting to greet us…

First up, Missy!

Missy is a Jack Russell cross who is a diddy little thing. With the lovely Fee accompanying us on our adventure to Chatham, Missy was eager to get into a nice soothing bubble bath! She then had the full vet check before being kitted out with the essentials; new harness, collar, lead, loads of food and toys!

Meet Drax…

Bouncy boy Drax headed straight into the pamper van for a groom and claw cut before getting worm and fleas treatment via the vet station. He too also got a new harness, lead and essentials.

Strike a pose, it’s Rogue

Look at this pretty girl. Rogue recently had an operation so was unable to have a groom with us however our vet gave her a full health check plus flea and worming meds. She too got a new harness, lead and toys. Just call us Santa Paws!

Pride by name…

Pride and joy by nature. Ahhh, this doggy had a cool bubble bath while we chatted with his daddy. Michelle was informed that dad was saving up to have Pride neutered at which point fairy dogmother Michelle granted him a wish by telling him that DOTS will cover the cost. Dad was over the moon! Pride emerged all clean from the pamper camper before being kitted out with goodies and essentials.

Meet Pumpkin!

This delightful tiger brindle enjoyed her first ever groom and she took it all in her stride in the great care of Fee. She then had a full health check with the vets before heading off fully stocked with essentials and foody treats!

Take a bow (wow), it’s Prince Max!

Our last dog of the night…and what a handsome chap! This lad had a full health check along with flea and worming treatments before a call in at the pamper camper for a thorough brush through to remove a lot of knots. Michelle got to know his daddy and found out that he used to be in the army as a dog handler! See you again soon!


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