Sunday 17th December, just a week before Christmas and DOTS had some big big news to unveil…

All hail the super dooper, first of its kind, veterinary van!

Kitted out with a kennel, fridge for meds, vet table, sink area with hot running water, the vehicle was kindly donated to DOTS to help further our reach and capabilities into 2018 and beyond.

As followers of DOTS will know, until now, we have been carrying out a number of regular static street stations as well as almost daily on-foot outreach or responding to calls from our homeless doggy owners in need of help at any time of day. Michelle and other team members have then bundled up their own cars to the brim with supplies in order to give the support needed. In winter at our street stations we have also experienced light issues as the sun sets so early, making things that little bit trickier in attending the doggies.

But now, with our wonderful van we can pop dogs on board in a fully heated mobile clinic where they can have full health checks and treatments administered in a clean and warm environment. We can put dogs on IV fluids, transfer them to a veterinary surgery if needed thanks to our secure kennel area. Our capabilities are now endless!

So whilst our regular static stations will be continuing, we now have the ability to wind around London including tricky backstreets with a full vet team on board to seek out our friends on the streets and to find new friends that we can help moving forward. We’ll be stocked up with loads of essentials and food to give out as and when needed.

To celebrate the reveal of our van at our Sunday station last week, we were joined by some of our wonderful supporters including Peter Egan and Robin Russell. In Michelle’s own words ‘the passion and drive they have to help many animals across the world is mind blowing and I’m in awe. Robin has been of huge support and strength to DOTS along with his beautiful wife Stephanie. They have helped me grow, give advice that has been invaluable to take DOTS to new levels. Peter is an amazing support to us to.’

[Photo: E5 Dog Photography]
[Photo: E5 Dog Photography]

[Photo: E5 Dog Photography]
The day wasn’t just about the van though. No ho ho! With it almost being Christmas, the DOTS team had a special treat up their sleeves for the doggies who paid a visit. Why, we threw a Christmas doggy dinner party of course!

In preparation for the party, we were kindly joined by Zoe and The Rockster from The Rockster who provided and designed a beautiful table display and doggy yumminess for the special dins.

[Photo: E5 Dog Photography]
We were also joined by Belle from Furbaby Casting who was there to make extra special Christmas gifts for our doggy mummy and daddies by casting their precious pups paws. Belle is kindly donating these castings for free to the doggy owners who are very excited to receive them once they’re finished. Thank you Belle!

[Photo: E5 Dog Photography]
Over the course of the afternoon, we were joined by 8 furbabies. They gave our van the official seal of approval before receiving stockings full of goodies.

Phew! What a day! Fun and emotional as we see the future of DOTS get brighter and brighter thanks solely to the kindness of our supporters, donators and voluntary team.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone who has raised or donated money for DOTS this year. Without you we physically wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Every penny is so appreciated and goes towards vet fees, medications and particularly at this time of year some arrangements to get a number of our homeless friends and their furry companions into temporary accommodation for Christmas.

Life on the streets can be increasingly desperate at this time of year, stirring up memories of happier times or compounding the sense of loneliness at a time that is typically celebrated with loved ones and friends. Rest assured that regardless of Christmas, the DOTS team will be on hand, even on Christmas Day, to ensure that any homeless people and their doggies are tended to if required. Christmas really is just another day for those on the streets so our work won’t stop.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement this year. It’s meant the world and has genuinely changed the lives of many.

Love and festive wishes, Team DOTS x

If you could help DOTS continue our work into the new year in supporting those less fortunate living on the streets with their fur babies, please just head to this link to see how you could contribute.